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POLYSAN FLAT OVAL Zuhanypanel 200x40 cm, Wenge (80620-0203)

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár ÁFÁ-val
770 990 Ft /db
Megtakarítás 0,0 %
Az Ön ára ÁFA nélkül 607 079 Ft /db
Az Ön ára ÁFA-val 770 990 Ft /db
ÁFA 27%

Rendelési kód80620-0203
Garancia24 hónap
Súly24,02 kg
Méret40x200 cm
KivitelRozteč připojení 15 cm
Vtsz. Szám84818019

The shower in the modern bathroom is complemented by an elegant shower panel, which offers a choice of water flow not only from the hand shower but also from the head and side showers compared to a conventional battery. In addition, the FLAT shower panel offers an integrated waterfall with a jet of water. Another advantage of this panel is the possibility of embedding in the wall, so the panel blends harmoniously with the selected tile. There are 3 colors available.

  • the panel body is made of a composite material with an aluminum inner layer
  • thermostatic battery with child protection against scalding
  • the panel is equipped with a waterfall STREAM (one stream of water)
  • hand and head shower with anti-scale ANTICALC
  • brass side showers ANTICALC with water flow direction adjustment
  • metal double-braided shower hose
  • 2 integrated wire shelves, brass-chrome
  • simple installation, instead of the existing shower mixer with a spacing of 150 mm
  • connecting flexible hose in package
  • round design batteries and showers

Installation Options:

  • on the wall
  • recessed into the wall
  • to corner (must be specified when ordering)

Technical parameters for all models:

  • Min. water pressure 1 bar
  • Max. water pressure 8 bar
  • Max. inlet water temperature 80 ° C
  • Temperature control from 20 to 60 ° C

For pressure above 5 bar, we recommend installing a pressure regulator. For optimal operation of the thermostatic mixer, it is advisable to keep the pressure of 3 bar at the inlet of hot and cold water